Tyler and Nora clark
Tyler and Nora clark

Tyler Gage is an American fictional character in the movie Step Up, and he had a cameo in Step Up 2. He is seen challenging Andy to a dance competition. Information is revealed in the movie that Tyler and Nora are on tour.

Early LifeEdit

Tyler grew up in foster care. He and Camille have the same foster parents.

Step Up Edit

film follows the tale of the disadvantaged Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum) and the privileged modern dancer Nora Clark (Jenna Dewan), who find themselves paired up in a showcase that determines both of their futures. Realizing that they only have one chance, they finally work together.


Tyler and Nora clark is stubborn and hot and prone to get into fights. He has a wild streak and, as such, is a bit problematic. He is very protective. He has honor and this is demonstrated when he assumed all the guilt of his friends after the destruction of the property.

Relationships Edit

Nora ClarkEdit

Nora anf 12) and later in Step Up 3 (assuming the age of 18), however Tyler is not mentioned.

Andie WestEdit

Nicknamed Little One, Tyler has known Andie since she was in diapers. Tyler has mentioned Andie annoyed the crap out of him when they were little.

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