Portrayed by Alyson Stoner

Camille Gage
Unknown (Recreational Dancer)

Camille Gage is a female character on the Step Up franchise, that was created by Duane Adler.

Early Life Edit

Not much is known, But Camille has mentioned her dad is in jail. She and Tyler Gage have the same foster parents and spent her childhood living in Baltimore. She studied at MSA and NYU with Moose and now they are living together in Los Angeles.

 Step Up Edit

Camille is Tyler's little sister in their foster home. The two have a strong relationship and get along well, to the point where Camille is comfortable enough entering his room without knocking. When their foster parents leave, she offers Tyler orange juice and lets him know that he's been left to babysit. She asks why he's always so tired, and when she discovers that he's been out dancing, she quickly retorts, "You can't dance." After seeing him show off some skills, Camille surprises Tyler with her own dance moves. The two trade dance moves and create a short dance combination.

Step Up 3-DEdit

Camille has graduated high school and is starting school at NYU with Moose. She is constantly covering up for Moose whenever he goes off somewhere (mainly to dance with the Pirates) and gradually feels tired of doing so. While Moose and Camille played charades one day, their friends seem to notice their close chemistry but the two quickly deny the romance their friends thought they had. Because Camille is tired of Moose always leaving her, she decided to pair up with her pal Kristen for the Halloween party. Moose, upon finding out that Camille is going with someone else, begs her to cancel with Kristen and go with him instead, saying, "you know I was born to be the Ashley to your Mary-Kate." Camille agreed and showed up at Moose's dorm as Mary-Kate Olsen but Moose did not show. The two have a fight after he "stood her up" for dancing with Luke at Natalie's birthday party, but they make up and dance to "I Won't Dance", the song Moose claims they met to in Freshman year at MSA, in the street. Camille later joins the Pirates, along with the MSA crew from Step Up 2. She has very strong feelings for Moose,

Camille in Step Up 3D

something he is oblivious to, but in the end he realizes his strong feelings for her, and they kiss at the train station after Luke and Natalie reunite. [1[1]]

Step Up All In Edit

Camille is shown to be still in a relationship with Moose since their kiss in the third movie. They are living together in Los Angeles. Camille is a very supporting and loving girlfriend and cares about her friends. She convinces Moose to take part in Vortex competition. Later in the movie, when she witnesses a girl kissing Moose but Mosse had no intention of kissing her. She gets jealous and immediately leaves. When Moose couldn't find Camille for about a day, he went to their apartment and saw her looking out at the view and she said she didn't want to stay she wanted to leave because it felt gross. She admits that feels as though she is holding him back and Moose replies with I found a girl that I want to dance with. They make up with a kiss and a hug. They are both shown dancing in the final dance for the competition.

Physical Appearance Edit

  • Camille has long brown hair and brown eyes. It is shown in the movie that she likes to tie her hair a lot and has a funky style. She is very tomboyish and mainly wears trainers or converse. However, by Step Up: All In her style seems to have changed to be much more feminine and sophisticated.


Camille comes across as a nice and kind-hearted person. She forgives quite easily, shown on three separate occasions- Step Up, Step Up 3D and Step Up: All In. She appears to prefer break dancing, hip hop and ballet.



Tyler is her older foster brother. They get along well, and feel very comfortable around each other. She's even comfortable of entering his room without knocking. Tyler finds out that she can dance in Step Up when they were playing catch


Moose is shown to be her best friend in Step Up 3D when they go to New York University together. We are told that they grew up together, having met in freshman year of MSA. Camille is shown to have feelings for him during their game of charades but it isn't till the end of the film when they kiss at the train station as they say goodbye to Luke and Natalie that they reveal their feelings and start a relationship. The two are revealed to still be together in Step Up: All in with the two living together in LA.

Kristin Edit

Kristin was a new friend of Camille's at NYU. The two only have a few scenes together and they also share a friendship with Moose (while playing charades). Camille was supposed to go with her as the Olsen Twins at the Halloween Party, but Moose talked Camille into going with him instead so she was left to find another person. Kristin is also the other one with a big hairline.


  • She's close with her best friend Moose's parents and it is unknown if her father had gotten out of jail since Moose's mom mentioned that they promised her parents to feed her in the beginning of the movie, Step Up 3D. Although she may be referring to Camille and Tyler's foster parents.
  • Moose mentions before dancing to I Won't Dance that they met in Freshman year of MSA