Alstar is a character in Step Up 2: The Streets. She is a dancer that is part of the 410 Crew. She is portayed by Alison Faulk. 

Step Up 2: The StreetsEdit

Alstar is a part of the 410 Crew. She is one of the dancers. While having no lines, she is shown quite a few times and appears to be a skilled dancer.

Subway PrankEdit

Alstar is first seen on the subway train. She appears as a young mother holding a baby, but turns out the baby she is holding is fake. She tosses the fake baby to another unsuspecting passenger before joinning in the dance of her team members.

The StreetsEdit

Alstar joins her group in the final dace at the streets, showcasing competitive dance skills along with the rest of her crew. During the final face-off, she, Kid Rainen, B-Girl Shorty, and EBZ  watch Andie's group with disdain as the MSA Crew seems to put on a better performance and gain the interest of the crowd. 


  • Alison Faulk is a part of the nine girl dance group, Beat Freaks.